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Reverend DeLois Johnson

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Reverened DeLois Johnson was born in New Orleans, LA but was raised in Chicago, IL, were she received her formal education. Rev Johnson is a PK (a Pastor Kid) her father was a Pastor for 48 years and her mother, a Holy Ghost filled, inspiring powerful Evangelist.  It was her mother that told her, "God has a calling on your life."  Her life took her on many different paths before she answered her calling.  She attended Beauty College and started a career as a high fashion beautician.


She married her high school sweetheart and gave birth to a son, Ronald.  This union did not last very long because it was not in the plan God had for her life.


Reverend Johnson was on the run, "running from the plan of God." During her running period she moved with her son to Philadelphia, where she continued her education.  She landed a job at the Philadelphia State Hospital, and it was while working there that she met her husband John H. Johnson, now deceased.


In 1975, Rev. Johnson encountered a targeted and devastating point of her life.  Her son was killed and she took a downward spiral, with no hope and no desire to continue with her life.  But with the Grace of God she did continue on.


Still on the run, Rev. Johnson and her husband moved to Trevose, PA.  They joined St. Matthews United Methodist Church after moving to Trevose, and became very active members. Although her spiritual foundation was in the Baptist Church and the Church of God in Christ, she had a lot to learn about being in the United Methodist Church.


In a short period of time and under the leadership and guidance of Rev. Finley O. Jones and the mentorship of Rev. Ralph Blanks, Rev. Dr. Dorothy Tatem and the Rev. Cookie Bracey, Rev. Johnson was elected to several offices  in the church.  She became Chairperson of the Administrated Council of Ministry at St. Matthews, Lay Leader of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church representing St. Matthews.  Also at St. Matthews she became a Bible Study teacher, a facilitator of praise and prayer meetings, and workshops.  Rev. Johnson attended Lay speaking class and became a Certified Lay Speaker, it  was during this time that she felt God was calling her, but it was still not God's plan for her life.


During her running time, she opened several home-based businesses of which she became very successful.  She became a top sales person out of 50,000 salespeople for "Princess House Crystal" company.  She traveled all over the world winning many trips, furs and diamond rings.  While on a trip to Hawaii she felt out of place, the Holy Spirit was interceding in what was happening and revealing God's call for her to answer the Divine call of God.


In 1995, Rev. Johnson was appointed to St. John's United Methodist Church as interim Pastor (to close the church), however, it was not God's plan to close that church.


In 1996, she was appointed as Pastor to the church.  Under the leadership of Rev. Bach and Rev. Alfred Maloney and the members of St. John's United Methodist Church and Hancock Street United Methodist Church the two churches merged and became one; Hancock St John's Ministry of the United Methodist Church.  Under Rev. Johnson's leadership, Hancock St. John's congregation has been involved in many neighborhood activities such as Prayer Walks around the community, Thanksgiving and Easter Baskets to children and families, After-school programs, Collaboration with Parents and the five Elementary schools in that area, Christmas gifts for all youth in the community, Praise Dance an Nu-Soul Gospel Café.


Rev. Johnson is the founder and executive director of the H& S Learning Center After-School and Summer Day Camp Program.



Reverend DeLois Johnson

"Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you."  ~ Matthew 6:33