St. Peter Missionary Baptist Church


The "Next Five" is a pledge drive to pay off a big portion of the church mortgage.

  It asks that individuals pledge to pay for the next five (5) years. This amount is over and above your tithes and offerings.  If you continue to pay your tithes and offering it would take care of the day to day expenses of the church. 

Eighty (80) percent of the Church’s funds are given by twenty (20) percent of the people.  A sacrifice of $10.00, each Sunday, for the next 40 weeks for the next 5 years.

The Payoff would be twofold:  1) we’ll be more invested in His mission- we’ll grow deeper as a church family and individuals.  2) We’ll save thousands in interest. 

As we continue to grow, our leaders believe we would be able to pay off the balance on the mortgage.  Every time we reach $10,000 from the “Next Five” pledge funds, it will be put towards the principle.

The “Next Five” is an invitation for members to invest in this church,



to aggressively payoff the mortgage by




December 2017


The Church’s 15th Anniversary.